Integrity Inspection Services LLC

For the Inspector

Without quality inspectors, our company would not exist - we view our inspectors as clients as much as we view them as our workforce. Join our team and experience the benefits of working through Integrity Inspection Services LLC.

  • Payroll: We understand the importance of correct and prompt payment of payroll and any issues that may arise are dealt with immediately and resolved to the satisfaction of all involved.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount and our clients expect excellence in this regard and we expect nothing less from our inspectors. Therefore, to keep yourself, your co-workers, and the jobsite safe, we will help you obtain the necessary safety training.
  • Operator Qualification: Many of our clients require various forms of Operator Qualification (OQ). Before sending you on an assignment, we will help you obtain the necessary qualification and we typically carry the expense for the training course/examination.
  • Benefits: We offer various forms of medical and personal insurance and we provide direct deposit for payroll.
  • Resumes: Fax your resume to 281.828.8902 or email to
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