Integrity Inspection Services LLC

Background and Philosophy

Integrity Inspection Services was formed in July 2000 with offices in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA, The owners have decades of experience in the fields of pipeline integrity, corrosion engineering, pipeline engineering and project management. Throughout our involvement in these pipeline projects, it has been clear that there is a universal need for highly trained, competent, and experienced inspectors in maintenance projects and in all phases of pipeline and facility construction. Integrity Inspection Services specializes in providing such inspectors.

  • As our name implies, not only is the integrity of the client’s assets of prime importance, but integrity in our relationships with the client and our inspectors is imperative. It is the resulting client and employee trust and loyalty that fuels our growth and is the recipe for our success.
  • Our goal is to provide you, the pipeline company, with experienced personnel that you trust and that take care of your asset as well as or even better than your own company personnel.
  • Our goal is to provide you, the inspector, with an assignment that utilizes your special skill set and capabilities and to provide the administrative support and prompt, correct handling of payroll, allowing you to excel in your technical duties.
  • Safety is always number one and neither Integrity Inspection Services nor our clients tolerate unsafe practices or a lax attitude to safety.
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